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Don't replace your Kitchen and Bathroom cabinets.
Give them a fresh new look.
Let us help show you how.
If you have an older piece of furniture, kitchen or bathroom cupboard doors that need updating bring them in and let our finisher transform them. Paint, antique (distress) and/or glaze them. Call our finisher for an estimate on finishing. Prices vary according to the finishes picked out and style of doors or size and detail of your furniture.Bring your doors for us to finish, they don't have to be stripped if we are painting them. We will even teach you how to finish off the rest of the cabinets that are still in your home, using out Amazing milk paint product. We recommend that you clean them really well with a product called TSP (Trisodium phosphate)It's an all-purpose heavy duty cleaner that is also amazing. We have it at our store in powder form or you can pick it up at Walmart or Home Depot in a concentrated liquid form. They also have to be rinsed really well after using this product.The milk paint is formulated to go over existing finishes as well as unfinished wood. It is very easy to sand and doesn't gum up your sand paper. It's amazingly easy to use. It takes a little time and effort on your part but will save you so much more than replacing your entire cabinets.We don't have the facilities to do stripping but we can stain your furniture if it is stripped and ready to finish. We can do the finish sanding once it is stripped. Call for an estimate or better yet bring it in for a more accurate quote.Our average cost for finishing doors and drawers would be:

Paint only: Doors-$15.00 / Drawers-$8.00
Painted and sanded (distressed): Doors-$17.00 / Drawers-$9.00
Painted, sanded and glazed: Doors-$20 - $22 / Drawers-$10 - $12
Double painted, sanded and glazed: Doors-$24 - $26 / Drawers-$13 - $15

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